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Chris Jones and Mark Caro are in for Justin Kaufmann on The Download and they are joined by plenty of guests including George Takei and Camilla Cleese!

George Takei, famously known for his role in Star Trek, discusses his one night only show that covers the story of his Japanese-American family’s forced imprisonment during World War II. The show will be featured here in Chicago on September 7 at Athenaeum Theatre.

Author and Professor, Dr. Lauren Streicher, then joins Chris and Mark in the studio to discuss the new Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause, which opens Oct. 24. For information visit: .  If you have any further questions, reach out to Dr. Stricher here: 

Then, Tribune columnist, Steve Chapman, joins the show to talk about his column “I don’t think I can watch football anymore.” In his column, Steve shares his love for football, but also reflects on the difficulties of fully enjoying the game due to the health effects players face. The full column can be found here:

Next, Chris and Mark discuss whether restaurant servers should correct guests’ mispronunciations with Chef Carol Wallack.

Lastly, Camilla Cleese, daughter of John Clesse, joins the show to discuss her role in “At Last the 1948 Show—Live” and the importance of the all-female cast. The show will be in Chicago on September 8th and 15th at The Chris Farley Cabaret.