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March 29 is an epic battle, Rockford Ice Hogs battle the Chicago Wolves, and it’s all going to the dogs – as the game is Pucks and Paws day. You can actually bring your (social) dog to a hockey game for two bucks more. Don Levin the Wolves owner is a huge animal lover, but Rockford is up to the task, as canine proceeds will benefit local shelters in Rockford. Steve talks with Mike Peck, director of business operations for the Ice Hogs and he explains how these dog day games are great family fun events, and there are special canine related give-a-ways, and special events like the famed “Weiner Dog Races.” Learn more at

Mike may also let you all in on a secret about how Steve shocked the Ice Hogs team mascot.

Do dogs and cats respond to music, Steve reports on studies on that topic and also about how elephants and other wild animals often respond to music. Email your pet behavior questions:


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