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20-lb. Turkey

2 bags of oranges

3 red onions

1 bag limes

1 large jar minced garlic (in olive oil)

olive oil



1 sturdy disposable aluminum to fit the turkey

Sprinkle turkey with salt and pepper.

Coat turkey with olive oil.

Use one bag of oranges, two onions and half a bag of limes, all sliced,  to create a thick layer on the bottom of aluminum pan.  Stuff turkey with one red onion and place over the layers.

Spread a thick layer of minced garlic all over the turkey and place the pan with the turkey on the grill over medium indirect heat.

Cover the turkey with a loose-fitting piece of aluminum foil, creating a tent over it.

Every half hour remove the aluminum “tent” and squeeze a couple of oranges and limes over the turkey and cover again.

Cook the turkey for about 6 hours.

Sirott and Murciano