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Alex & Francis Scott Key White have been playing music together since they were kids, and now, after releasing their 8th album, F.Y.M.S., they are rocking harder than ever. The sister-brother duo known as White Mystery joined Rick in the studio. Alex told him about the ‘sign’ that lead her to start the band – a White Mystery flavored Airheads wrapper – and Francis talked about learning drums and waiting in the wings to play music with his sister. They also talked about their amazing parents, who have patiently encouraged their music career throughout the years and Rick asked them about their vast touring experience. Finally, they share their amazing 10 year bond to one another & explain how awesome – and demanding – it is to be an independent band. And oh yeah – we got to hear some epic songs off of the new album.

Alex and Francis are hosting and playing at the Rock ‘N Roll Market at the East Room on Saturday, June 10th. To find out details on that, their tour and their latest album, head over to their website.