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Garry talked with WGN TV Meteorologist Jim Ramsey about the heat wave that hit Chicago and the torrential rain storm that hit downtown early in the afternoon. The Las Vegas team and Jackie Robinson West showed very different levels of sportsmanship after they lost in the Little World Series over the weekend. Miley Cyrus send a homeless teen up on stage to accept her Video of the Year Award at the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Garry thinks it was a better use of the time than most acceptance speeches. A Florida woman accidentally shot her grandson after mistaking him for an intruder. A high school student in South Carolina was arrested after he wrote about shooting a dinosaur with a gun. Walt Disney Co has filed for three drone-related patents for their theme parks. WGN TV Reporter Marcella Raymond joined Garry from Midway Airport where the Jackie Robinson West little league team returned home from the Little League World Series. Plus, a pizza delivery man claimed to witness a beheading in order to get out of any punishment for a late delivery.



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