Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning | November 24th, 2019 | Beauty & the Beast, Mister Rogers, Chicago Thanksgiving Restaurants

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WGN’s Dean Richards

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Join Dean for a jam packed Sunday show!

First, Dave Schwan delivers his Far Flung Forecast (15:13) before Dean chats with Laura Gieraltowski from the CDC on the recent E. coli outbreak. (25:44)

Then, the Paramount Theater’s cast of Beauty and the Beast joins Dean to talk about the production. Cast members talked about how “magical” the production is and the “mind blowing”  elements. Dean said he will try to contain himself while watching the show, but if there is any “open wailing” that he apologies in advance.  The cast sang hits from the classic film such Beauty and the Beast, and Be our guest. The cast discusses the design of the costumes, structure of the show and how delightful it was to work on the production. The show runs now through January 19. (48:26)

Next, Dean talks about Mister Rogers as a story about kindness, and that the story is about how kindness is contagious. Dean also talked with Mrs.Rogers about the message that Mister Rogers conveyed.  Mister Rogers wife, 91,  is very happy for him and said that he would have loved the film. Tom Junod also spoke with Dean, and Dean took calls from multiple people to discuss Mister Rogers and how not every episode was a happy make believe place. Rogers discussed  heavy topics such as divorce and death that callers discussed with Dean. (1:08:34)

Last, Naomi Waxman,  Eater Chicago reporter came on the air to talk with Dean about places to eat around Chicago for Thanksgiving. Waxman wrote an article for Eater Chicago of recommended restaurants to go for the holiday.  People who are new to the city, students or those who just want to dodge a clean up can listen in to which hotels and restaurants to go to for the holiday. Dean gave some of his recommendations, including a Greek restaurant to stem away from traditional places. (1:48:07)

That and so much more on this edition of Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning!

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