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Carl Amari and Lisa Wolf are bringing you 5 of the best hours from the Golden Age of Radio on the WGN Radio Theatre for May 30th, 2020.

First up we have “The Adventures of Sam Spade: The Missing Newshawk Caper” starring: Howard Duff; (07-18-48). Next up is a classic episode from “My Friend Irma” titled “Billy Boy the Boxer” starring Marie Wilson; (02-09-48). Our third episode is “Crime Classics: The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew, Sr” starring: Lou Merrill; (07-06-53). “Broadway Is My Beat: The Ruth Shay Case” starring: Larry Thor (05-30-53). Following Broadway is my Beat is “The Great Gildersleeve: The Duel” starring: Hal Peary; (03-17-48). Next we have “The Cisco Kid: Morbid Jones and the Web of Death” starring: Jack Mather; (09-26-57). In hour 5 we have “Gunsmoke: Who Lives By the Sword” starring: William Conrad; (02-26-56). Lastly, a classic episode from “Vic and Sade: Vic Sleeping on the Couch” starring Art Van Harvey and Bernardine Flynn; (01-24-44).