WGN Radio Theatre #466: Dragnet, Burns & Allen, Gunsmoke, Strange Dr. Weird, Suspense, Damon Runyon Theatre and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

WGN Radio Theatre

PHOTO: Lisa Wolf and Carl Amari in front of the historic Tribune Tower WGN letters.

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Carl Amari and Lisa Wolf are bringing you six of the best hours from the Golden Age of Radio on the WGN Radio Theatre for April 25th, 2020. First up we have “Dragnet: The Big Cat” Starring: Jack Webb; (09-15-53). Next up is a classic episode from “The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show” titled “Crush on Alan Ladd” Starring George Burns and Gracie Allen; (01-15-45). Our third episode is: “Gunsmoke: Passive Resistance” Starring: William Conrad; (07-08-56). Then we snuck in and episode from “Stranger Dr. Weird: He Woke Up Dead” ; (03-07-45). Then we have “Suspense” titled “The Marvelous Barastro” starring Orson Welles; (04-13-44). Lastly, a classic episode from “Damon Runyon Theatre” titled “The Hottest Guy in the World” Starring John Brown; (10-03-50). And, in each hour we played each part of the 1956 five part series called “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Silver Blue Matter” Starring: Bob Bailey.

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