Remembering Chet Coppock

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Bill and Wendy along with the Godfather of Sports Talk Radio, Chet Coppock. (WGN Radio)

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Legendary Chicago sportscaster Chet Coppock has died at age 70. He visited with us many times over the years. Here are a few of those visits:

October 2018: Talking with Bill and Wendy about his book Your Dime, My Dance Floor: Chet Coppock In Pursuit Of Chet Coppock:

June 2016: With Steve Cochran discussing the passing of Muhammad Ali and his impact not only on the boxing community, but the world:

December 2015: Visiting with Bill and Wendy, talking about Doug Buffone, Ed O’Bradovich, the Bears, Jack Brickhouse, and much more.

October 2015: With Steve Cochran talking about his book Doug Buffone: Monster of the Midway: My 50 Years with the Chicago Bears.

September 2014: Visiting with Steve Cochran to talk about Chicago sports.

August 2014: Talking with Bill and Wendy about his new book, Chet Coppock: Laying It On The Line, his greatest memories in sports and more.

October 2009: Steve Cochran talks with Chet about his book Fat Guys Shouldn’t Be Dancin’ at Halftime: An Irreverent Romp Through Chicago Sports.

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