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September 11 in Chicago – A montage of the WGN Radio news team’s coverage from September 11, starting shortly before 8:00 until 11:30, focusing on the Chicago perspective. You’ll hear voices including Spike O’Dell, Tom Petersen, Mary Van De Velde, Rick Jager, Doug Cummings, Mike Mathis, Wes Bleed, David Stewart, Steve Bertrand, Andrea Darlas and Larry Schreiner, plus audio from President George W. Bush, Department of Aviation spokesperson Monique Bond, Senator Dick Durbin, and Mayor Richard M. Daley.

9/11 Audio Montage – An audio montage of some of the coverage of the events of 9/11/01.

9/11 Audio Montage – Longer Version – A longer compilation of audio from live coverage on the morning of 9/11/01, focusing on events in Chicago in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

Presidential Address – President George W. Bush addresses the nation hours after the terrorist attacks.

Spike O’Dell talks with Ann Compton – Ann Compton of ABC News talks with Spike O’Dell about her experience traveling with President Bush on Air Force One the morning of 9/11/01. (9/14/01)

John Williams talks with Blair Kamin – Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin talks about the World Trade Center and the effects its destruction will have. (9/11/01)

John Williams talks with Carol Marin – Carol Marin tells John about her experiences in the immediate vicinity of the World Trade Center the morning of the attacks. (9/11/01)

John Williams’ 9/11 Audio Timeline – One year later, John prepared this audio timeline featuring clips from the day before and the day of the attacks. [This audio segment contains two minor factual errors: The ABC reporter referred to as Ann Compton is actually Linda Albin, and the New York radio station identified as WINZ is actually WINS.] (9/11/02)

Extension 720 – September 11 and 12, 2001 – Milt Rosenberg’s coverage of the terrorist attacks, their consequences, and our potential responses included, on September 11, guests Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum and John Mearsheimer, Robert Pape, and Charles Lipson of the University of Chicago and on September 12, Donald Kagan of Yale University and Frederick Kagan of the United States Military Academy.

Extension 720 – September 14, 2001– Milt Rosenberg’s coverage of the terrorist attacks, their consequences, and our potential responses included, on September 14, Morton Kondracke of Roll Call magazine, and Bill Gertz of The Washington Times.

That Day: Ten Years After – WGN Radio remembers a tragic, pivotal day in American history with a one-hour special, “That Day: Ten Years After.” Join host John Williams for reflections on September 11, 2001, with the WGN Radio broadcasters who were on air that morning: business and agriculture reporter Orion Samuelson, sports director Dave Eanet, former WGN Radio news director Tom Petersen and former WGN Radio morning show host Spike O’Dell. Plus, WGN Radio’s Greg Jarrett talks one on one with his former colleague Ann Compton from ABC News, the only reporter to fly with President George W. Bush that tension filled morning aboard Air Force One. With sound clips, audio flashbacks and tributes, WGN Radio hopes to honor the day all Americans came together as one to respond to the shock and sadness with the courage and determination that 9/11 evoked in us.