Anne and Tracy have always centered their podcast episodes around topics in the news, at the soccer field, or in their mom groups. This particular episode, however, is highly personal and painful for both of them. Last month Tracy’s brother-in-law died unexpectedly, leaving behind his wife and three young kids. He and Tracy’s sister actually met at Anne’s wedding, and all three couples spent many glorious and chaotic years raising their children together.

When an unexpected death happens to a family, there is grief, loss, and profound sadness. And if that isn’t bad enough, there’s also a mess of financial affairs and piles of paperwork to go through.

Terry Savage, a nationally recognized personal finance expert and bestselling author of “The Savage Truth on Money,” joins uh-PARENT-ly hosts Tracy Weiner and Anne Johnsos to talk about how to plan for your family’s future and have the hard talks about wills, power of attorney, and other essential estate planning.

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