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Human beings are prone to negativity bias. Scientists have discovered that for every negative emotional experience you have, you need at least three positive ones to offset it.  A three to one ratio.  Feels like a big hole to dig out of, right?  Positive Psychology researchers have conducted more than 200 studies with more than 275,000 people and have found that humans have it all wrong: Cars, promotions, grades, or big houses don’t lead to happiness. It’s the other way around. When you are happy, you get better outcomes.

Devin Hughes, author and speaker, joins uh-PARENT-ly hosts Tracy Weiner and Anne Johnsos to talk about happiness and how to flip the script on ways to achieve it.  They discuss a few simple steps to try each day to retrain the brain, which will produce better outcomes in your family, marriage, career, education and friendships.

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