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According to a new book, the average teen spends nine hours a day on a screen. Nine hours. Even more alarming, we continue to learn about BIG TECH companies (like Facebook and Instagram) and their algorithms that hijack our kids’ attention. Snapstreaks, Likes, Shares, you name it: These manipulative measures lead to more screen time. One psychologist says the key to helping reduce screen time and consumption is empowering kids to take charge and decide for themselves what is the right amount. His premise is simple: Kids care about the future. He believes that by igniting their natural resistance to being told what to do, we can help them hit their own reset buttons.

Dr. Alex Packer, educator, psychologist, and award-winning author of many books, including his latest, SLAYING DIGITAL DRAGONS, joins uh-PARENT-ly hosts Tracy Weiner and Anne Johnsos to talk about how parents can navigate screen time and educate kids on the dark side of social media and apps.

They discuss the effects of too much screen time, the difference between good and bad screen time and how Big Tech manipulates and drives kids’ eyeballs to consume more content.

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