Res U – Thinking Out Loud: What’s the 411 on CBD and THC

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Marijuana, CBD, THC, Hemp, Cannabis – What are they? What’s the difference? What’s legal in our state? What are the health benefits? Why are people saying CBD is the new miracle cure for everything? Listen to Resurrection University’s Thinking Out Loud podcast – we’ll answer these questions and more. Everyone is talking about these 3 letters. Check out our podcast and find out why! Get the 411 on CBD and THC. Listen now!

CBD Extract from the Marijuana Plant

Thinking Out Loud
by Resurrection University ThinkingOutLoud

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud, a podcast produced by Resurrection University, where we pride ourselves on informing, educating, and making a difference. (Click for more.)
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