The Chicago Way w/John Kass (12/09/16): Why voters in Illinois need to look inward, the softer side of Dan Proft, and Kasso’s codpiece

The Chicago Way

John Kass – The Chicago Way

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The Chicago Way w/John Kass – Ep 43 (12/09/16): This week John Kass and Jeff Carlin are joined by Chicago Tribune editorial board member Kristen McQueary and the host of Chicago’s Morning Answer with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson on AM560, Dan Proft. On the docket this week, why voters need to look inward for the root of Illinois’ political problems, the back story behind Proft’s ill-fated run for governor, and why the codpiece should make a comeback. Plus, Kasso chips away at Dan ‘Proftian Armor’ to the soft side of Proft.

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