The Chicago Way w/John Kass (05/15/17): A Russian affair Putin himself couldn’t write, a Kasso announcement, and more…

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Cars pass by a billboard showing US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin placed by pro-Serbian movement in the town of Danilovgrad on November 16, 2016.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump spoke on the phone on November 15, evening and agreed on the need to normalise ties between Washington and Moscow, the Kremlin said. ( SAVO PRELEVIC/AFP/Getty Images)

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The Chicago Way w/John Kass – Ep 60 (05/15/17): This week John Kass and Jeff Carlin are joined by Chicago Tribune reporter/columnist and ex-Kasso legman Will Lee to announce Kasso’s next public appearance. The trio also discusses the root causes behind the inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election and what impact the developments are having on the current political climate in Washington, D.C. Plus, former Federal Prosecutor Pat Brady calls the show to break down why he is so disturbed by the manner in which Jame Comey was fired, the reasoning behind it, and why further investigation into Russian hacking, including Comey’s dismissal, needs to be done with the utmost transparency.

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