The Chicago Way w/John Kass: The legend, Ed O’Bradovich gears up for another season of Bears football

The Chicago Way

Chicago Bears tackle George Seals (67) may be down but he manages to reach out and put the stopper on Washington Redskins quarterback Bill Kilmer (17) who lost six yards on this fourth quarter play, Sunday, Nov. 15, 1971 in Chicago. Coming in to assist is Bears defensive end Ed O’Bradovich (87). The Bears won 16-15. (AP Photo/Fred Jewell)

The Chicago Way w/John Kass (09/13/2021): During the COVID-19 pandemic, John Kass & Jeff Carlin continue to podcast socially distanced from secure locations. This week, Chicago Bears legend Ed O’Bradovich talks about how he prepares for the best pre-game & post-game coverage on the radio, seeing a competitor not get up after a devastating tackle, and what he expects from the Chicago Bears this season. Check out more Kasso at

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