The Chicago Way, Ep. 201: A look back at the “Red Summer” riots of 1919 & their impact on modern Chicago

The Chicago Way

In this July 10, 2019, photo, a wreathe lies in front of a site commemorating the 1919 race riots in Chicago. The plaque is near the area where black teenager Eugene Williams was struck in the head with a rock and drowned in Lake Michigan, sparking race riots. (AP Photo/Noreen Nasir)

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The Chicago Way w/John Kass – Ep 201: John Kass and Jeff Carlin are joined by Chicago Tribune columnist and editorial board member Kristen McQueary to talk about legal ripples in Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and news that former gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives plans on challenging Rep. Sean Casten for his Congressional seat. Plus, Chicago Tribune reporter Will Lee talks about his research on the 1919 “Red Summer” riots in Chicago including his conversation with 107-year-old Juanita Mitchell about what she witnessed 100 years ago.

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