The Mincing Rascals are John Williams of WGN Radio, Eric Zorn, Publisher of The Picayune Sentinel, and Austin Berg of the Illinois Policy Institute. Today, the Rascals talk about the dad of the suspect in the 4th of July Highland Park parade shooting seeking dismissal of the charges that he recklessly helped his son get a gun. How responsible is a parent when their adult child commits a crime? There is a bill in Illinois that is waiting for Governor Pritzker’s signature that would ban gun advertising that targets kids. What do the Rascals think about this bill becoming law? Is this too vague? Ohio voters rejected an effort to raise the threshold to amend the state’s constitution that would have made it more difficult to preserve abortion rights in the state. Does this vote portend anything about the next election? The Rascals are also joined once again by Carrie Shepherd, reporter for Axios Chicago, who talks about her story on the impact that carjackings have on their victims. Carrie also shares her experience about using the Chicago Pedway system for the first time. What are some of your Chicago cultural blind spots? John hasn’t visited Chinatown, Eric admits to never attending a Blackhawks game and Austin has never gone to Lollapalooza.