The Mincing Rascals this week are Jon Hansen of WGN Radio, Block Club Chicago and WCIU, Eric Zorn of The Picayune Sentinel and The Daily Herald, Austin Berg of the Illinois Policy Institute, Heather Cherone, political reporter for WTTW, and Brandon Pope, host of ‘On the Block‘ on WCIU. This week, the Rascals talk about the results of last night’s Illinois primary election. Did anything surprise the Rascals? Next, the Rascals break down the Jan. 6 testimony of former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson. Are the hearings changing anyone’s mind? Mayor Lightfoot is taking some heat for a profane rant about Justice Clarence Thomas over the weekend. Is the heat warranted? The Rascals also chat about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. How do the Rascals feel about the democrats and the Biden administration’s response to the court’s decision. And how do you feel about the Thompson Center? A new report says that Google could buy the building. Finally, what are the Rascals watching and listening to? If the ‘Father of the Bride’ reboot is not your thing, can we interest you in a Danish political drama?