The Mincing Rascals 6.18.2020: What it means to defund the police, Mayor Lightfoot’s relationship with police, Black Lives Matter and rebranding

The Mincing Rascals

The Mincing Rascals are Eric Zorn and Dahleen Glanton of the Chicago Tribune, Steve Bertrand of WGN Radio, Heather Cherone of WTTW and Austin Berg of the Illinois Policy Institute. The Rascals begin by discussing their interest levels with reading John Bolton’s upcoming book, The Room Where it Happened. Then, the group talks about defunding police and what that means, especially when it comes to protecting students of Chicago Public Schools. And that leads the Rascals to begin discussing the rebranding of companies with black representatives on their logos, and what companies could fund internally instead to help improve the lives of African Americans. Plus, they talk about what white communities need to do to work harder at reducing racism itself.

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