The Mincing Rascals are John Williams of WGN Radio, Eric Zorn of The Picayune Sentinel and The Daily Herald, Brandon Pope, host of ‘On the Block‘ on WCIUHeather Cherone, political reporter for WTTW, and Austin Berg of the Illinois Policy Institute. Today, the Rascals chat about the verdict in the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial, Aurora Pride organizers saying police aren’t allowed to wear uniforms or carry weapons during the upcoming Pride Parade, Memorial Day violence in Chicago, Paul Vallas announcing his run for mayor, and a Lyons Township teacher announcing he is resigning because of disagreements over administrative policies. The Rascals also recommend some of the things to check out including the new HBO documentary about George Carlin (thanks, John), Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus (thanks to Rascal nerd Brandon Pope), the new season of the Slate podcast (thanks to Eric) “Slow Burn,” and the Norm MacDonald Netflix special (thanks Austin). Austin mentions (way to bury the lede!) that he’s the executive producer of a new documentary short that premiered in Telluride, Colorado! You can check that our here.