The Mincing Rascals this week are Jon Hansen of WGN Radio, Block Club Chicago and WCIU, Eric Zorn, Publisher of The Picayune Sentinel, Austin Berg of the Illinois Policy Institute, and Brandon Pope, host of ‘On the Block‘ on WCIU. This week, the Rascals talk about State’s Attorney Kim Foxx announcing she will not see another term. Were the Rascals surprised about the decision? And what will her lasting legacy be? The Rascals also talk about the unrest that took place in Chicago a couple of weekends ago. What did the Rascals think of Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson’s response to the unrest? This week Joe Biden announced he was going to run for reelection. Will a Biden v. Trump rematch get voters out to the polls? And is the age of President Biden and Donald Trump a concern? And finally, waffles or pancakes?