The Mincing Rascals 3.4.2021: ‘Ditzy,’ Dr. Seuss and racism, Chicago statues, Governor Cuomo’s job

The Mincing Rascals

The Mincing Rascals are Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune, Heather Cherone of WTTW and Austin Berg of Illinois Policy Institute. They begin their weekly roundtable by discussing the disappearance of Mark Giangreco from ABC 7 and the speculation of a word that may have preceded it. Then, the Rascals cover the genuineness of Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ stop to the publication of many Dr. Seuss books. And the Rascals cover the city’s secrecy in its discussions over statues. Finally, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s position comes into question after allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace. The Rascals debate whether he should resign.

John Williams

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