The Mincing Rascals this week are John Williams of WGN Radio, Eric Zorn of The Picayune Sentinel and The Daily Herald, Mark Jacob, freelance writer and former Metro editor at the Tribune, and Jon Hansen of WGN Radio and Block Club Chicago. Today, the Rascals break down the midterm elections. What were the top storylines after last night? Has the media done a good enough job of informing voters on the issues that would most impact them? Governor Pritzker handily defeated Senator Darren Bailey and Democrats won most of the other key races. What does this mean for the Illinois Republican party? Evanston voted to adopt ranked-choice voting. Jon talks about how ranked-choice voting is gaining steam around the country and why it would be better for elections moving forward. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had an impressive showing last night, while former President Trump may announce another presidential run next week. Is the national GOP moving away from Trump? Are the Rascals worried about the threat to democracy? Mark makes his case that democracy is in peril and being complacent is a big mistake, especially as election deniers and January 6th insurrectionists are still out there. Eric thought JB Pritzker’s victory speech had a national bent. Was he setting the stage for a presidential run? And do the Rascals think that President Biden is the best option for Democrats in 2024?