The Mincing Rascals 11.30.17: President Trump’s tax plan and tweets, Representative Luis Gutierrez, Matt Lauer, express to O’Hare

The Mincing Rascals

(Created and illustrated by Makenzie Flom)

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The Mincing Rascals has a guest star this week: WGN Radio’s Patti Vasquez. She joins John Williams and Steve Bertrand, and Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune. The group jumps into this episode with discussion of how realistic President Trump’s proposed tax plan is. They go on to agree on the impact of Trump’s daily tweets, calculated or not. The Rascals wonder why Representative Luis Gutierrez will not be running for Congress in 2018. A topic that’s been explored in great depth is again addressed today by the Mincing Rascals. That’s sexual assault – after Matt Lauer was abruptly fired from NBC – and the allegations against Senator Al Franken were reinforced today. Finally, here’s a cool, new idea from Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


Steve recommends that you watch a Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle, as he has died today at 83.

Patti recommends “The Fall” on Netflix. Plus, she tells you to check out Binge and Uncork, the segment in which Susan Danenberger joins Patti to recommend best wine and television show pairings.

John fills you in on Chicago Tribune’s review of affordable Target wines.

Eric recommends his and Mary Schmich’s upcoming “Songs of Good Cheer” performances, as well as podcast “Slow Burn,” an exploration of the Watergate scandal.

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