The Mincing Rascals this week are John Williams of WGN Radio, Eric Zorn, Publisher of The Picayune SentinelBrandon Pope, host of ‘On the Block‘ on WCIU, and Cate Plys, former staff writer at the Chicago Reader and political op-ed columnist at the Sun-Times and Tribune. The Rascals this week talk about Rep. Jim Jordan’s quest to be the next Speaker of the House. John believes he eventually will be elected. What about the other Rascals? Also joining the podcast is Rummana Hussain, editorial board member and a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, who joins the Rascals to talk about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. Also this week, Mayor Brandon Johnson decided against visiting the southern U.S. border. Was the plan to visit the border a good idea in the first place? And what about the decision to reverse course? The Rascals think that maybe Mayor Johnson should head to Washington D.C. instead. And finally, how about those Bears? What do the Rascals think of Tyson Bagent? Is it time to move on from Justin Fields? Brandon thinks the Bears will be looking for a new QB next year.