The Mincing Rascals this week are John Williams of WGN Radio, Eric Zorn, Publisher of The Picayune Sentinel, and Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times. The intimate gathering of the Rascals discuss Mayor Lightfoot’s campaign getting into a bit of trouble last week for trying to get CPS teachers to encourage students to volunteer for her reelection bid. Will voters hold this against Mayor Lightfoot? The Rascals also get into the mayoral race and Willie Wilson‘s chances. And what about the other candidates? What do the Rascals think of U.S. Rep. Garcia and Commissioner Brandon Johnson? What’s the latest on President Biden’s handling of documents? John, Eric, and Neil break down what it will mean for the president. Speaking of president, the Rascals talk about the likelihood that Governor J.B. Pritzker makes a run for the presidency. Also, the Rascals debate the recently passed assault weapons ban in Illinois. Rep. George Santos is still coming under fire for his lies on the campaign trail. He says he’s not going to resign from congress and it’s unlikely that he will be expelled. The Rascals unwrap this ongoing story. And finally, the Rascals talk about the Dallas Cowboys kicker missing 4 straight PAT’s on Monday night. As a former kicker, John is fascinated how a professional athlete can suddenly get ‘The Yips.’ Oh, and get Neil’s new book. It’s great!