The Mincing Rascals 03/16/17: Where the president wants to pour our money, and where he’ll hold back

WGN Plus
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WGN Radio’s John Williams and Steve Bertrand, and Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn and Scott Stantis mince about Trump’s budget proposal, which challenges concerns with climate change and the need for the arts. They question where funds are being distributed for the arts and for the Environmental Protection Agency.

This week, Eric Zorn recommends “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind” by Julie Beck.

Steve Bertrand recommends that you watch just one NCAA game to get your mind off politics and world news for a moment.

Scott Stantis recommends that you listen to the St. Johns College choir rendition of “Misery Me.”

And John Williams recommends that you read The Art of Fielding by Chad Hardach.

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