The Man Behind Harry Caray’s: Mr. Grant DePorter

Steve Dale's Other World
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While Grant DePorter has created a Hall of Fame for Chicago sports heroes (Chicago Sports Museum) – this dude clearly will one day be in a restaurant Hall of Fame (if there is such a thing). He created the Harry Caray restaurant group. As celebs (including Michael Jordan) have learned, having a restaurant ‘ain’t easy’ no matter who’s name is on it. And, wow, what names – Grant and I talk about what his pals: Harry, Ernie Banks and a list of others, and what they were really like. For example, would Harry, the Bud Man, be a craft beer man? And why did fans call him at 3 a.m., and how in the world did they get his phone number?  Grant has some new artifacts for the Chicago Sports Museum, a behind-the-scenes how he got these and even how much they cost.

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