Steve Dale’s Other World | Jackie Taylor and the Black Ensemble Theater with Daryl Brooks

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Jackie Taylor was more than the founder of the Black Ensemble Theater in Chicago – she is a force of nature who created change when she launched the theater and continues to do doing just that.

Listen to her mission: “To end racial prejudice.” That’s quite the mission for a local theater. But local Black Ensemble isn’t; their reach and impact continue to be national. This is a premiere company.

Jackie explains why in recent years she’s chosen to present biopics of Chuck Berry, Otis Redding, Brooke Benton, Sammy Davis Jr., Josephine Baker, Dionne Warwick and so many more. It’s crazy to hear how Jackie “stalked” Ms. Warwick to receive her consent and actually support of the idea. In fact, Dionne even helped to re-design the theater.

Also chiming in is Daryl Brooks, associate artistic director. He tells his story, and the impact Jackie Taylor has had on his life – and he’s totally not alone. So, I suggest Jackie Taylor runs for public office. She did not take well to that suggestion.

Has Jackie Taylor met her mission and eradicated prejudice? Her answer is rather surprising to some.

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