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Hey what’s up guys and gals, check the “I Love Lucy” bloopers discovered by YouTube star Rick NineG. I ask why anyone would care today about these bloopers, and how Rick discovered them, as some of these bloopers are pretty obscure.

Since I knew Lucille Ball, I offer her side of some stories, followed by what Rick has posted on his YouTube page.

We banter about all sorts of “I Love Lucy” minutia, which Lucille Ball herself would have been amazed by. We offer behind-the-scenes stories of various episodes, such as “Lucy Italian Movie,” which is the grape crushing episode, and how Lucille Ball once told me that she felt like she was drowning in a giant vat of eyeballs.  Rick offers what his favorite episode is too, and it’s not one you may expect.

Rick is also a Three Stooges buff – and we talk about the one unknown stooge.


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