Steve Dale’s Other World | CPD Chaplain Robert Montelongo

Steve Dale's Other World

Chaplain Robert Montelongo joins Steve in-studio (Elif Geris/WGN Radio)

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In Las Vegas, we saw waves of first responders running toward danger. It’s what police officers and firefighters heroically do every day. “We don’t see ourselves as heroes,” says Chicago Police Department Chaplain Robert Montelongo.

Generally speaking police across the country have been disparaged, and the result there is an epidemic of suicides among law enforcement in Chicago, and . The chaplain and I discuss why that might be so, and what ordinary citizens can do to demonstrate their appreciation. It’s a tragedy few are speaking about that so many in law enforcement are taking their own lives. Montelongo says most people are unaware or don’t think about what police sometimes do daily to save lives, but they do think about a parking ticket or yellow light ticket.

There’s a larger picture. Fact is we live in an all too violent society – and it’s only police that run toward the source of that violence to save people.

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