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Instead of trains, boats and planes, the Active Transportation Alliance (ATA) supports public transportation, bicycles and walking. How does Chicago compare to other major cities? A lively discussion with Campaign Director Kyle Whitehead about transportation issues, as well as revealing future plans – especially changes along the lakefront that you may not have heard about.

Chicago has become quite the bicycle city, and the future looks like there will be more of it, like it or not. Most drivers are now beginning to accept the cyclists rather than to consider them competition on the road. How we can enhance safety? And what about those darn tourists on the blue Divvy bikes?

Of course, regarding public transportation, safety is an issue. But an equally large concern is practicality. How often are the buses and trains running to get you where you need to go? And what the ATA is working with the CTA on? And can we ever get the lost bus lines back?

Walking is great exercise and builds community. But why walk when you can drive? Whitehead has answers.

An interesting interview if you ever take public transportation, bike or walk in the big city.