Is Climate Change Real? And If So, What Can We Do To Stop It?

Steve Dale's Other World

PHOTO: Curator of Urban Ecology at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Steve Sullivan sits alongside with Steve Dale inside WGN Radio Studios. Hilda (pet turtle) also joins in on the conversation. (WGN Radio)

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It’ s not everyday that someone gets to interview a curator of urban ecology, which is Steve Sullivan’s title at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. We talk a lot about climate change, and the new exhibit “Weather to Climate: Our Changing World.”

Seriously, is climate change real, and how did it ever get to be a political hot button? Does this explain our recent weather extremes over the past few years in Chicago – and across the U.S.? Or do these sort of extreme weather patterns occur in cycles anyway?

Sullivan pulls a turtle out his pocket – and talks about this little friend is affected by climate change, and how we are affected by the turtle.

We also talk about what else the museum has to offer, from the butterfly garden to various other activities.

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