He’s The King of the Golden Age of Radio…Mr. Carl Amari

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PHOTO: WGN’s Carl Amari and Steve Dale. (WGN Radio)

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Carl Amari is King of the Golden Age of radio. But how does a guy, who wasn’t born when Jack Benny or “The Shadow” were among the most popular shows on the air, find himself as a one-man reservoir of broadcast history. His story is a fascinating one, as some he met many of the greats of radio in their older years; they  saw Carl as a means to preserve what they did back in the day.

And indeed, it was a Golden Age – we talk about how creating pictures in imaginations of listeners could never be duplicated on TV or even with the best possible effects on the big screen. We also talk about how those radio sound effects were really created. And Carl offers some old-rime radio trivia.

Carl is heard on WGN radio, 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sundays (into Monday mornings).

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