Steve Dale’s Other World | “I Love Lucy” fans will love Stu Shostak’s Lucille Ball stories!

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Gale Gordon, Lucille Ball, Tinker, Stu Shostak and Gary Morton (Credit: Stu Shostak)

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I bumped into a guy who’s name I heard before, but hadn’t ever met, Stu Shostak.

He was Lucille Ball’s film archivist, and has amazing Lucy stories to tell. Stu doesn’t mince words, as he talks about her final and now greatly forgotten series “Life with Lucy.”  What happened there?

He has so many Lucy stories, we only fit a few into the allotted time – Lucy fans will love it! And Stu and Lucy were friends, they even hung out, watching reruns of “I Love Lucy.” Imagine watching Lucy with Lucy. What was that like?

Today, Stu is the host of his own online series, “Stu’s Show,” where he interviews personalities from classic TV, like Betty White, Ed Asner, Dick Van Dyke, Rose Marie, and soon all the kid actors from various Lucy series with guest, at

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