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As Lexus is to Toyota, Infiniti is to Nissan and Acura is to Honda so the recently minted Genesis line is to Hyundai. Over the years we’ve become more and more impressed with the quality of vehicles Hyundai is producing. So, what do we think of their luxury brand, Genesis, G80 3.8 AWD model? Well just take a look and see for yourself. And, if you’d like to see what our friends at Consumer Guide Automotive thought about this specific vehicle, just click this link:

For 20 plus years our Radio Road Test was a weekly feature on our show. We’re proud to be long-time members of the Midwest Automotive Media Association. Now, we’re bringing another edition of our VIDEO Road Test to cyberspace. For more information on the cars we review, check out what our friends at Consumer Guide Automotive have to say on their Daily Drive website