Steve & Johnnie with Guitar Geek Gifts (Joel Paterson & Muriel Anderson)

Steve and Johnnie

Steve & Johnnie Show with the sounds of Christmas.

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Steve & Johnnie hosting their 6,227 radio show on Thanksgiving Day!

 Terry Straker- Owner of Guitar Works in Evanston. Small business Saturday, guitar geek gifts and Thanksgiving day shopping specials.

Guitarist and harp-guitarist Muriel Anderson is host of the renowned Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night ® and founder of the Music for Life Alliance charity. She is the first woman to have won the Natio­nal Fingerstyle Guitar Championship and tours in the USA and internationally year round. Her new double CD “Nightlight Daylight: the first ever with patent-pending fiber optics illuminated cover, designed by brilliant photo-artist Bryan Allen.

Chicago musician, recording artist, and all-around guitar freak

Announces the release of my new instrumental Christmas CD, “Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar,” released on my record label, Ventrella Records. The disc is distributed by Bloodshot Records.


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