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COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March, 11, 2020.

One year ago?

Only one?!?!

Some days it feels like more … a lot more.

Like you, during the past year, we’ve had our share of ups and downs and, now and then, we’ve shared some of them with you. But, the good news is that, finally, we seem to be slowly making our way out of this tunnel. Obviously, things aren’t going to return to normal overnight and, even when they do, for a while it may be a new-ish normal.

Sadly, as we do our best to climb back to whatever normal will look like there are those who, for varying reasons, remain resistant to the climb. Some still don’t want to socially distance or wear masks. And, some are resistant to getting vaccinated.

We don’t happen to fall into either of those groups. After using a sizeable amount of our “safer at home” time to do as much research as we possibly could and then, like many of you, trying and trying and trying and trying to get vaccine appointments for us and Johnnie’s Dad, John, we were finally successful! Not surprisingly, each of us had different appointments at different locations.

But, we got them!

As of this writing, we’ve only had the first shot and are impatiently counting the days till the second.

You may notice that we’re both covering up some of the information on our vaccine cards. That’s intentional. Just in case you’re not aware of it, the self-identifying information on it makes you vulnerable to identity theft and can help scammers create phony versions.

One interesting side-effect the three of us experienced and shared with each other and now share with you was an almost immediate sense of relief. Yes, we’d all been dealing with a year’s worth of COVID-19 stress but, apparently, we had no idea just how much that stress had an impact on us and how much it would ease up after getting that first shot.

So, if you’re on the fence, for whatever our opinions are worth to you, we strongly feel that getting the jab is the right thing to do … not only will it help keep you from getting COVID-19, but it’ll help you big time from the neck up!

Stay safe,

Steve & Johnnie

Originally posted on Steve and Johnnie’s Both Sides Now blog.