Young Fathers – “White Men Are Black Men Too”

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On Episode One with WGN’s music aficionado’s, Kevin RichterMichael Heidemann – We sit down with Alloysious Massaquoi of the Mercury Prize winning band, Young Fathers.  Kayus Bankole, Graham Hastings & Alloysious Massaquoi of Young Fathers have put out one of the most eclectic and thought provoking albums of 2015 with White Men Are Black Men Too.  Coming off their Mercury Prize winning album “DEAD” — , an award that honors the best British Album of the past year (past winners including James Blake, Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys) the Scottish group has been feverishly touring since they broke on to the scene with their first EP’s: Tape One and Tape Two.

Their music has tried to be classified by fans and critics alike – some may call it “art-rap” or “psyche-hip hop” but as you’ll hear in the interview, Young Fathers diverse sound continues to defy all labels.  The idea of passion comes up a lot in this interview as you’ll hear Alloyscious speak about his music with a heart not readily found in a lot of today’s artists. Everything from creating the perfect sound  to sharing music in a positive fashion- Young Fathers bring to light issues of race, stereotypes and love.
We bring up issues surrounding the recent news in Baltimore & Ferguson and ask his perspective  (originally hailing from Edinburgh, Scottland) on the story and how it effects him while abroad. Alloyscious provides a refreshing outlook on the struggles and describes the person you can become while living through these issues and creating a positive sense of self.  One of the most passionate & hardworking groups on the scene today we bring you… Young Fathers.

“Layers of bass, sitting on top and below like oil on water on sand.  Molotov cocktails of flammable bass in bottles of rhythm.  And the words, all the words.  They say what we want to say and when they don’t there’s a grunt or a snarl or a scream to do the job.  The voices.  We get the voices right.  You understand us,”  Says Alloysious Massaquoi – Young Fathers.
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