Single, Married, Divorced-Episode 2 Do you Believe in Love?

Single, Married, Divorced
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In Episode 2 of Single, Married, Divorced the crew takes a look at love.  Who’s been in love, and do you need a check-list to get there?  Our three hosts can’t believe people don’t believe in love anymore yet think the idea of just one soul mate for someone is ridiculous.  Erik shares a story about a non-pork eating woman he dated, and Tom tells us why John Travolta speaks the truth in Pulp Fiction. You’ve heard of a Boy Named Sue? Allison tells us about a girl named Bubba. 

Poll question of the week: Less than half in a recent poll say they no longer believe in love. Seriously? 

Question 1: Do you have just one soul mate out there or does it depend on the path you take? 

App Story: Check the box for love. 

Question 2: You’re perfect except…Should we talk about it or break-up? 

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