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Not only will we be getting more STAR WARS at Disney Parks in 2019, we’ll be getting booze! For the first time ever, alcoholic beverages will be made available at Disneyland…And they will be Star Wars-inspired! We look at the adult beverage menu for STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE and consider how they tie-in to the Star Wars universe. Spoiler Alert! We review recently leaked EPISODE IX poster art and rumored details about characters, planets, and aliens in THE MANDALORIAN. We have highlights from Samuel L. Jackson’s new 60 Minutes interview where he talks about Mace Windu and his purple lightsaber. Adam Goldberg’s “Schooled” paid tribute to THE PHANTOM MENACE. We review the new ABC comedy episode “Darth Mellor” in STAR WARS IN POP CULTURE. Plus, Conan O’Brien recently had a few hilarious things to say about the taxation of trade routes in EPISODE I, and more.

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