This week, Paul goes Behind the Curtain with the cast of The Prom playing at the Cadillac Palace Theater from April 19th-24th.  The story of Emma, a high school student who is not being allowed to take her girlfriend to the Prom, is aided by a group of self-obsessed theater stars who think they can spark their careers by fighting intolerance. Lead stars Kaden Kearney (who plays Emma Nolan) and Patrick Wetzel (who plays Barry Glickman) talk about the power and fun of this show. It’s one not to be missed. Tickets can be purchased at

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The Prom: Review

The feel good vibes and laugh out loud humor of The Prom is indeed infectious to everyone in the audience. But what is unexpected is the deep meaning and messages that is the real purpose underlying this popular, colorful and fun musical playing now at the Cadillac Palace theater thru April 24th. From recognized and deep seated bigotry towards those who are not like you, to the cost of living a life guided by narcissism , many of the characters in the Prom undergo a transition that is likely intended to impact audience members who may need to hear its message, or perhaps arm them with a positive view to with them to others in their life. The Prom is about living your authentic self and you can only do that when your actions exemplify the good qualities inside us, and going public with that personal transition. Yes, a deep sense of transition for a show that, on the surface, is fun, happy and joyous. But let the message sink in….because if we do, we will all be better people for it.

The Prom: 3 ½ /4