Paul goes behind the curtain with The Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight (A.K.A. “Peter Brady”) and director Phil Viardo on their new film “Truelove: The Film.” You can attend the premiere FREE on Friday July 15th at 5:15pm at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel.

Reserve your FREE tickets at: Reservations required to insure you get a seat.

The film showcases Williams Syndrome, a not very well known condition impacting people at an early age and which plays a key role in the person’s development through the years. The film follows the story of Callie Truelove, who truly brightens the community and the entire Williams Syndrome family by traveling the country and sharing her travels in the film.

Truly enlightening and informative, you’ll learn about a condition that is more prevalent than you likely realize. The movie premiere takes place during the Williams Syndrome Association National Convention at 1551 Thoreau Dr N, in Schaumburg.

Reserve your FREE tickets at: while they are still available!