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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with the cast and screenwriter of “Foster Boy.” The story of a young man, Jamal Randolph (played by Shane Paul McGhie) who is moved within a privately run for-profit system from foster home to foster home. We come to learn about the abuse he faces through his youthful years and it is stunning; the film uncovers a system that is fraught with problems our society needs to address. A corporate attorney (played in the film by Matthew Modine) is assigned to take the case of young Jamal against the private operator of foster homes pro bono and he’s not happy about having to take the case; he has more important things to do apparently.

Joining Paul for the in-depth discussion of the movie is the screenwriter and well-known Chicago Attorney Jay Paul Deratany, and actors Shane Paul McGhie who plays young Jamal, as well as legendary Oscar winner actor Louis Gossett, Jr who plays Judge George Taylor.  

“Foster Boy” is playing nationally and is now running in Chicago and will soon be available on demand. Check out the film at  Tune in for a very interesting discussion.