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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with the cast of “Boys in the Band,” currently revived by and playing at Windy City Playhouse. Even if you have seen this show since it was first written in the late 1960s, you haven’t experienced it like this before. Windy City Playhouse is known for immersing theaudience into the show, but…have no fear…. in a very comfortable way. You are at the party, eating the food and drinking the drinks, all as the action plays out around you. Cast members Jackson Evans (who plays Michael) and Sam Bell-Gurwitz (who plays the birthday boy Harold) join the conversation along with Windy City Playhouse co-founder and Artistic Director Amy Rubenstein. It’s a visit to times gone by with issues that were relevant a long time ago, but yet, they resonate today…..

Then (beginning at 22:38 into the program), humorist Robert Dubac talks about his latest creation, “The Book of Moron,” playing at the Broadway Playhouse from February 25th – March 1st. Bob plays Robert, an everyman who has lost sight of he bigger picture in life and bombarded by so much hype and spin, he can’t remember who he is or what he believes. An interesting look at the creation and experience you’ll have at this show with the guy who wrote and performs it…with tickets available at: www,

Tune in and enjoy!