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This week Paul goes Behind the Curtain to look at the political issues of the day including the crafting of a proposed deal by Congressional negotiators to end the border wall vs. shutdown showdown. Political strategist Brad Bannon of Bannon Communication Research opines about who he thinks the winners and losers are, and a look to what the democratic strategy to win needs to be in 2020. Brad also chimes in on the Chicago Mayoral Contest for his view of what is likely to happen. Then it’s a trip to Victory Gardens Theater with the cast of “Pipieline.” The story of a public high school teacher committed to her stuents and her desire to give her only son opportunities with many challenges along the way. Joining in are Chicago acting legend Janet Ulrich Brooks who is joined by the very talented Matthew Elam. They talk about the play and its message…anyone who attended a public school system needs to see this show, by March 3rd with tickets at Tune in and pull back the curtain!