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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain for a really interesting and insightful conversation about social media and social influence. How did this area develop, what do those who do it right to gain the followers. And a variety of insights that you will find really fascinating as these folks reflect on what they do on public media and why they do it.  Offering the theoretical perspective is DePaul University professor Ben Epstein and joining in the conversation are: Jason Caceres (an actor seen on Criminal Minds Netflix’s Insatiable, Jimmy Kimmel Live and much more), Keith Laue (father and influencer who is making a difference in the areas of the environment and principled living) and Matthew Rodrigues (co-host of Chicago Today seen every week on NBC Chicago). All three of these guys reflect beneath the surface at what guides their decisions on what to post. You will really find this conversation fascinating and likely will want to follow them all in social!