On this new podcast, Paul goes behind the curtain with the cast of “Southern Gothic” playing at Windy Cindy Playhouse located in its space on the lower level of Petterino’s (Dearborn and Randolph). The audience become invisible guests attending the 40th birthday party for Suzanne Wellington (played by Amy Malcom) and given at the home of Beau Coutier (played by Max Stewart) and his wife Ellie (played by Sarah Grant). All three actors join in this conversation. Underneath the simple birthday plot point, lay many secrets and intrigue revealing troubles for all the characters. The play is set in the warm setting of an Atlanta home, circa 1961, and the audience literally sits along the walls of the various rooms of the home watching the action. You might sit in the dining room (yes, where snacks for the party guests are set out for audience members to enjoy), or shift to the living room or kitchen. Action and dialogue occurs in all of these areas but fear not, by the end of the show, you will have a good sense of the entire story no matter what parts you watched.  Known as immersive theater, this is truly one of the great creations of Windy City Playhouse and is not to be missed. Even for people who do not really enjoy going to theater, or have been exposed to little of it, this is the show to see! Tickets can be purchased at www.windycityplayhouse.com.